From contemporary twists to vintage cocktails

Thanks to Antoine Peychaud, New Orleans had one of the strongest influences on the history of cocktails of any city in the country. Although Peychaud originally used his family bitters recipe for medicinal purposes, he secured a place in cocktail history for mixing the tonic with brandy and serving the spiced coquetiers on Royal Street. The non-French speaking population pronounced the word “cock-tay” which led to imbibers slurring the word into “cocktail,” as it is known today. Driven by the city’s sophistication during a time that shaped the cocktail culture in the United States, Restaurant R’evolution plans to maintain and advance New Orleans’ cocktail legacy.

Restaurant R’evolution features seasonal cocktails inspired by Pre-Prohibition-era libations. The bar and cocktail program focuses on classic, “gilded age” cocktails, reimagined through a modern lens. The seasonally changing drinks complement the restaurant’s menu.

Offerings range from riffs on old-fashioned mixtures such as the Sazerac and classic aperitifs, to cocktails made with small-batch spirits and hand-crafted ingredients such as Creole bitters, Cherry Bounce, absinthe and ratafias infused with flavors from camelia, persimmon and blancs.

Happy Hour Wednesday-Sunday 4:30-6:30 p.m. | View Happy Hour Menu

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